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See you on June 29, 2019
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130 km / 3036 m D+
29 Juin 2019
Departure: 8h00
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The Ariégeoise format has changed for 1019: not for the altitude gain (3036 m) but for the distance (130 kms). Despite this shorter distance, the Ariégeoise 2019 is a concentrate of cols each as difficult as the other. This distance/altitude gain ratio is worthy of a serious mountain stage.
The cols; 4 for this 25th edition … the 28 km of the first climb out of Foix will be long and wearing before arriving at the col de Péguère; “Normal” you tell me, “Just enough to take a physical toll before the attacks that will explode towards the finish!”

Then, make good use of the valley floor and the false flats for feeding and to get concentrated for what’s coming up … the “Couserans Triptych”. A rather overblown name for the 3 successive cols: Latrape, Agnès and Port de Lers!! Climb, descend, climb, no respite for 31 km …This is the day’s menu for the Ariégeoise and where the day’s standings will be decided. All those who have burned too many matches from their matchbox of endurance and effort over the first 85 to 90 km will struggle damnably to make the 1517 m altitude summit at Port de Lers. For others, it will be pure enchantment, such is the magnificence of the mountain scenery around Aulus! What is there to say about the col d’Agnès? It’s as difficult as it’s beautiful!

I’m genuinely excited … I’ll be waiting for you at the finish and you can tell me what you think … I’m certain you’ll agree with me … And you’ll be back!!


man%20bathroom%20clipart OR ARGENT
M1 18-34 4:30 5:15
M2 35-39 4:45 5:30
M3 40-44 5:00 5:45
M4 45-49 5:15 6:00
M5 50-54 5:30 6:15

man%20bathroom%20clipart OR ARGENT
M6 55-59 5:45 6:30
M7 60-64 6:00 6:45
M8 65-69 6:15 7:00
M9 70&+ 6:30 7:15

woman-99045_960_720 OR ARGENT
F1 18-34 5:30 6:15
F2 35-39 5:45 6:30
F3 40-44 6:00 6:45
F4 45-49 6:15 7:00
F5 50-54 6:30 7:15
F6 55-59 6:45 7:30
F7 60-64 7:00 7:45
F8 +65 7:15 8:00


5:30 6:15