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Saturday 24th June 2023

Challenge No Limits Pyrénées

  • Inscription
    • Do I need to provide a medical certificate?

      To validate your registration, you must provide a medical certificate proving that you are fit to participate in the event; this certificate must be of less than one year in relation to the event and must be provided on your online account.

    • Do I need proof of a licence ?

      To validate your application, a copy of your current licence must be provided on your online account.

    • Can I complete my registration details once my application has been registered?

      You can access your online account at any time to complete your registration and provide any missing details (medical certificate, licence …)

    • Can I register other rider(s)?

      After creating your own account, you have the option to register as many riders as you wish. Have all the necessary information for their registration (email address, date of birth, person to contact if necessary on the day of the race).

    • Can I request a priority bib?

      Riders who obtained a good classification in another event and on presentation of proof (certificate, classification), will have priority on the starting line, limited places available. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd categories will also have priority on the starting line but these categories will be taken into account only for the overall classification (F.F.C. regulation).
      New: in addition to the standard criteria, an Otakam index less than 25 for men and less than 50 for women, will give you access to a priority bib (on request by you).
      All priority bibs on the starting line are credited with the same time. The ranking of the top 3 of each race is based on crossing the finish line and not on the basis of time.

    • My application is incomplete, why?

      We manually check all the supporting documents (medical certificate, licence) of each registration application, so it is possible that the check has not yet been carried out. Incomplete applications can be updated until 20/06/2022 by logging into your personal account with your username and password.

    • Can I ask for a refund?

      Only reimbursement requests directly related to the following serious reasons will be taken into account by the organiser: accident, total disability, illness. The refund will be made within 2 months after the event, only on written request to the Ariégeoise Cyclo Club, received before the 1st / 07/2022, supported by medical certificate or official proof. In this case, the refund will be 80% of the amount of the registration. After this date and outside of these reasons, no refund will be made.
      If you have not been able to participate in the event and your registration fee can not be refunded, the jersey can be shipped, upon written request, within 5 months after the event.

    • I haven’t received confirmation of my registration

      Confirmation is sent by email or by post as soon as the race numbers are assigned.

    • I haven’t received confirmation of my place

      Participants who have not received confirmation with their number will be able to go to the “race number collection point” provided, with all their supporting documents (licences, medical certificate stating that you are medically fit to participate in the event, parental authorisation, proof of identity…).

    • I do not appear on the list of registrants.

      Only fully completed entrance forms are on the list of registrants.

  • Jerseys
    • Can I change the size of jersey on the day of collection?

      The jersey can not be changed the day of the withdrawal of bibs.

      Depending on stock availability, it may be possible to exchange it on Saturday 24th June at the Ariègeoise shop in the arrival village, or at the office in the weeks following the event.

      Please note that the jersey must not have been worn.

    • Where and when can I buy the latest jersey and jerseys from previous years?

      Jerseys from previous years are available to buy:

      • Friday 24th June  at the Exhibitors’ Village (Ariégeoise shop)
      • Saturday 25th June 2019 at the Arrival Village (Ariégeoise shop)
      • All year round at the Ariégeoise office

      The current jerseys are available to buy Saturday 25th June  at the Arrival Village, as well as at various points of sale following the race.

      Here is the list of our points of sale:

      • Camping du Pré Lombard – Tarascon-sur Ariège
      • Office de Tourisme de Tarascon-sur-Ariège
      • Culture Vélo – Pamiers
      • Cycl’Olmes – Laroque d’Olmes
  • Bibs
    • Can we exchange bibs?

      In some circumstances, bib exchange is possible. The person wishing to take the place of a rider already registered, must send an e-mail to the organisation with all the necessary information for registration and supporting documents (you must specify the name of the person you are replacing).

    • Time & place for collection of bibs

      The collection of bibs takes place on Friday 23th June 2023 from 9am to 8pm and Saturday 24th June 2022 from 6:30am to 7:30am imperatively at the following address:

      • Espace François Mitterrand , Avenue Paul Joucla 09400 Tarascon-sur-Ariège
  • Access
  • Before the race
    • Time and place for the start of the races?

      All races start at the following address :

      Avenue Paul Joucla, 09400 Tarascon-sur-Ariège

      The start times are as follows :

      • Ariégeoise XXL : 8h00
      • Ariégeoise : 8h00
      • Mountagnole XXL : 8h30
      • Mountagnole : 8h30
      • Elles font l’Ariégeoise.com : 8h50
      • Passéjade & Passéjad’elect : 9h00
    • Can I change which race I want to compete in ?

      You can opt for a different race, without any additional cost, simple by calling or emailing up until 20/05/2022.

      After this date, you will be able to change your choice of race on collection of your bib on Friday 28th June 2019; an additional fee of 10€ will apply.

      It is not possible to opt for a different race on Saturday 25th June 2022.

  • During the race
    • Where are the feed stations situated ?

      Ariégeoise XXL

      • Port de Lers, food and drink
      • Col de Latrape, food and drink
      • Col de la Core, food and drink
      • Col de Saraillé, drink
      • Col de Péguère, food and drink



      • Port de Lers, food and drink
      • Col de Latrape, food and drink
      • Col de Saraillé, drink
      • Col de Péguère, food and drink


      Mountagnole XXL

      • Port de Lers, food and drink
      • Col de Saraillé, drink
      • Col de Péguère, food and drink



      • Port de Lers, food and drink
      • Col de Péguère, food and drink


      Elles font l’Ariégeoise

      • La Mouline, food and drink


      Passéjade et Passéjad’Elect

      • La Mouline, food and drink
    • Are the roads closed ?

      On the climbs, the roads are closed to oncoming traffic. Some parts of roads may be closed to traffic whilst racers pass through.

  • After the race
  • At the arrival
  • Triathlon
  • The chronometred climb