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Mountagnole XXL


120 km / 2629m D+
29 Juin 2019
Departure: 8h30
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The Mountagnole once again has its XXL format: 120 km and 2629 m altitude gain. It merits the name, as there are 37 km and 600 m altitude gain more than for its little sister. A trilogy of three classic Ariège cols are programmed: Péguère, Agnès and Port de Lers.

After a fast start to Foix, the first difficulty is the 28 km climb to col de Péguère. A quick ‘refuel’ and you need to be concentrated for the Mur de Péguère descent, a first for the Ariègeoise.
Then will be the time, on an easier section, to eat and drink again. Managing this transition phase will be one of the keys to you race. The last 30 km with two cols one after the other will be difficult.

Once through the village of Aulus, you attack the 10 km climb to arrive at 1570 m and the Col d’Agès. A short descent and then the next climb with steep percentages towards the Port de Lers. A configuration with potential for attacks if you’ve carefully managed your effort over the first part of the race. If you’re feeling under-par at this point, at least the superb landscape with views across the Pyrenean summits of the Ariège will be something of a consolation and, hopefully, an inspiration! The final descent is at first winding and requires full concentration on your trajectories before becoming less technical but also very fast. You’ll arrive at the village of Vicdessos and then push on to the finish line at the sports field of Auzat.


man%20bathroom%20clipart OR ARGENT
M1 18-34 4:00 5:15
M2 35-39 4:15 5:30
M3 40-44 4:30 5:45
M4 45-49 4:45 6:00
M5 50-54 5:00 6:15

man%20bathroom%20clipart OR ARGENT
M6 55-59 5:15 6:30
M7 60-64 5:30 6:45
M8 65-69 5:45 7:00
M9 70&+ 6:00 7:15

woman-99045_960_720 OR ARGENT
F1 18-34 5:00 6:15
F2 35-39 5:15 6:30
F3 40-44 5:30 6:45
F4 45-49 5:45 7:00
F5 50-54 6:00 7:15
F6 55-59 6:15 7:30
F7 60-64 6:30 7:45
F8 +65 6:45 8:00


5:00 6:15