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Swimming: 1,2 km
Bike: 120 km / 2629 m D+
Running: 10 km / 200 m D+
28 & 29 Juin 2019
Departure: 8h30
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The Ariégeoise 3D is 3 challenges for one event and one timing.
Man has never stopped discovering new horizons, going beyond the known to find fresh perspectives. The Ariégeoise 3D is the sort of event that offers the chance to break out of the usual round and to explore a whole new sporting experience.

After the first edition’s success, the Ariégeoise 3D is already a benchmark. The programme: a swimming prologue in the pool on Friday, the 120 km of the Mountagnole XXL for the cycling followed by 11 km running on the Saturday.

First challenge, the swimming:1200 m in the 27°C water of the Tarascon swimming pool in groups of six competitors; Show what you can do in the heightened atmosphere of a race. Seething water and excitement guaranteed!!

The second challenge, the Mountagnole XXL. Experience the Pyrenees in wide-screen in the heart of the peloton. Participation in the 3D gives a classification in the Mountagnole XXL … 2 events for the price of one! One piece of advice: leave your aero wheels at home and fit a 34 x 28 gearing ratio … it could be useful! The circuit is simply superb, with 3 cols and 2629 m altitude gain and with a 10 km climb towards col d’Agnès. A route which is equally majestic and demanding. Effort management and courage are the key elements in making the most of the inspiring natural environment you’ll be in.

Third challenge, once off the bike, an 11 km on rolling tracks with 150 m altitude gain at the feet of the giants that finish at over 3000 m altitude! The running section takes place in the setting of the secret Pyrenean valley of Vicdessos. Two rounds of 4.7 km on tracks bordering the river and on the woodland edge with a 360° panorama across the Pyrenean summits and a final worthy of a major event with 1000 m on the track in the stadium; the acclaim from the public will push you across the finishing line, perhaps breathless from the effort and certainly from the emotional effect of the Ariégeoise 3D …

The Ariégeoise 3D is a treasure, a rare asset … for a small circle of explorers, athletes both ambitious and lovers of that which the known world lacks a little!
Come on, tune in to the rhythm of the Pyrenees!


Objectifs de la Mountagnole XXL

man%20bathroom%20clipart OR ARGENT
M1 18-34 5:15 6:00
M2 35-39 5:25 6:10
M3 40-44 5:35 6:20
M4 45-49 5:45 6:30
M5 50-54 5:55 6:40

man%20bathroom%20clipart OR ARGENT
M6 55-59 6:05 6:50
M7 60-64 6:15 7:00
M8 65-69 6:25 7:10
M9 70&+ 6:35 7:20

woman-99045_960_720 OR ARGENT
F1 18-34 5:55 6:40
F2 35-39 6:05 6:50
F3 40-44 6:15 7:00
F4 45-49 6:25 7:10
F5 50-54 6:35 7:20
F6 55-59 6:45 7:30
F7 60-64 6:55 7:40
F8 +65 7:05 7:50


6:55 6:40