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Saturday 29th June 2024
La tenue officielle de l'Ariégeoise 2024



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Icone L’Ariégeoise

29 Juin 2024

L’Ariégeoise VTT

Icone L’Ariégeoise VTT

30 juin 2024

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La montée chronométrée au barrage EDF de Soulcem

Icone La montée chronométrée au barrage EDF de Soulcem

2 juin 2024

Défiez le chrono et vos amis dans un cadre époustouflant de haute montagne.

Le Challenge Alain LEPLUS

Icone Le Challenge Alain LEPLUS

2 juin 2024

Le Challenge Alain LEPLUS c'est l'enchaînement de la montée chronométrée au barrage EDF de Soulcem et du trail de la Soucarrane. Il peut se courir en individuel ou par équipe.

Le Challenge No Limits Pyrénées

Icone Le Challenge No Limits Pyrénées

8, 22 et 29 juin 2024

Participez aux 3 plus belles cyclosportives des Pyrénées

The Foll'Ariégeoise, a crazy race

Welcome to the Foll’Ariégeoise, the crazy rendezvous of the Ariégeoise! In 2023, we introduced a new festive event to spice up your pre-race.

The concept is simple: the start is from the Ariégeoise exhibition village, with a spectacular finish on the heights of old Tarascon. Originality and conviviality are paramount, as the winner will be selected by a panel of judges who will assess the disguise, the bike and the general atmosphere created.

There’s a tempting prize at stake: your weight in Destral beer! Registration is free and open to all, so don’t hesitate to take part.
Don’t forget the date: Friday 28 June 2024 for the second edition of the Foll’Ariégeoise.

Come and enjoy a unique experience combining cycling and conviviality!

Discover the Foll'Ariégeoise
L'Ariégeoise Permanente
Experience l'Ariégeoise all year round

Discover the captivating world of l'Ariégeoise Permanente, where you have the freedom to ride the routes of the Ariégeoise or the Ariège passes on a date that suits you.

Thanks to our application, your GPS data is processed automatically to award you badges, performance indices, reference times ...

Discover l'Ariégeoise Permanente


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Challenge No Limit Pyrénées 2024

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