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Saturday 26th June 2021
The Ariégeoise 2020

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1995 – 2020 : this year sees the 26th edition of the l’Ariégeoise.

Over these last 25 years we’ve lived through both happy and difficult times.

Also, the strength of our volunteers enables us to work with the determination to make this new Ariégeoise a means of paying tribute to those no longer with us.

The Ariége has an extraordinary range of both attractions and our circuits are your means of discovering them.

Certainly the l’Ariégeoise is a cyclo-sportive event and everyone is head-down and pedaling hard, but take a moment to look up and discover the castle of Montségur, the fountain at Fontestorbe, the Forest of Bélesta, the villages of Aunat, Mijanes, the hairpins of the Col de Pailhères, the Chioula cross-country ski station, the belvedere that is the col de Marmare, the lookout point from the village of Lordat, the trekking start-point of the lake at Appy, the village of Cabannes and its Chateau of Gudanes and finally the beauty of the plateau de Beille.

“Ariège-yourself” and come back for a day, for a week, and breathe in our mountain air.

Well, which circuit for this year?

L’Ariégeoise XXL, l’Ariégeoise, la Mountagnole XXL, la Mountagnole, la Passejade, la Passejad’Elec, our the women-only circuit of « Elles font l’Ariégeoise ».

All of them are mountain routes and you’re advised to be well-prepared. Good preparation necessitates not only having accumulated enough kilometers, but also enough altitude-gain practice to pass the event as ‘comfortably’ as possible.

As a participant, everyone can have a different objective: the season’s challenge, a last preparation for the “l’Etape du Tour”, a trigger-point for participation in the NO LIMIT PYRENEES challenge.

We set up this challenge in 2019 and 7 ‘heroes’ lined up at the start of the 3 emblematic Pyrenean cyclo-sportives within a week of each other.

  • “The 3 Nations” with a start at Puigcerda.
  • “La Quebrantahuesos” with a start at Sabinanigo
  • “L’Ariégeoise” with a start at Tarascon sur Ariège

Take a few days off, we’re inviting you to the Ariège.


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