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Saturday 29th June 2024
La tenue officielle de l'Ariégeoise 2024




Rendez-vous le 29 Juin 2024

The Pyrenees cyclosportive

Let’s celebrate the 28th edition of the Ariégeoise, which since its creation in 1995 has remained one of the top 5 cyclosportive events in France. This longevity and reputation can be explained by our constant commitment to innovation.

Each year, the circuits are carefully designed, featuring new routes and hitherto unexplored sectors.This year is no exception, with an exceptional finish at the 1,400 metre high resort of Ax 3 Domaines.

Soyez prêts à vivre une expérience mémorable le samedi 29 juin.

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Tous les évènements du weekend

La Foll'Ariégeoise

Welcome to the Foll’Ariégeoise, the crazy rendezvous of the Ariégeoise!

In 2023, we introduced a new festive event to spice up your pre-race.

The concept is simple: the start is from the Ariégeoise exhibition village, with a spectacular finish on the heights of old Tarascon. Originality and conviviality are paramount, as the winner will be selected by a panel of judges who will assess the disguise, the bike and the general atmosphere created.

There’s a tempting prize at stake: your weight in Destral beer! Registration is free and open to all, so don’t hesitate to take part.

Don’t forget the date: Friday 28 June 2024 for the second edition of the Foll’Ariégeoise. Come and enjoy a unique experience combining cycling and conviviality!

Gala dinner

Extend the unforgettable experience of the Ariégeoise by taking part in our gala dinner!
Enjoy a gala evening in the Mercus gymnasium, where you can rediscover the race in the company of volunteers and other runners in a warm and festive atmosphere.
Book your place now for €25 when you register, or from your runners’ area if you’re already registered.

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Expo Village

Explore the Village Expo de l’Ariégeoise, a great place to meet up with friends and various players in the cycling market, including manufacturers, bike shops and distributors. Admire more than 40 exhibitors, professionals and sponsors, spread over more than 1,000 m² of exhibition space, which also includes local products and leisure activities, such as tourist sites and course organisers.

Every year, this not-to-be-missed event attracts 7,000 visitors, both cyclists and those accompanying them, creating a festive and convivial atmosphere around the many exhibition tents. In the heart of the village, on Friday 28 June, participants collect their race numbers, while the following day, at the finish site, exhibitors welcome the riders after many hours of effort.

The organisers are offering exhibitors, partners and institutions the opportunity to set up a stand over the two days, guaranteeing maximum service to the runners. Extra-sporting activities will enliven the village, with musical entertainment, exhibitions and many other surprises to discover!

Discover the Expo village
Preparing for your Ariegeoise is important!
Our partner SL PERFORMANCE is offering you a free 14-week training plan, divided into several blocks, to ensure that you arrive at the start on 29 June 2024 with peace of mind.
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