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Saturday 26th June 2021

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74km / 2144m D+
26 Juin 2021
Departure: 8h50
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Last year we instituted the Elles font l’Ariègeoise event for female cyclists preferring to ride together, thus avoiding over-stressed, over-fast starts, but wanting to face a real personal challenge without the pressure of timing and classification.

The 2020 route takes you to Nalzen, at the foot of the first difficulty! You’ll already have ridden some twenty kilometers, with little altitude gain. Then comes nearly 4 kms of a new climb up a narrow mountain road to the village of Freychennet at 800 m altitude. Then down to Celles and its feed zone, a return towards Bompas, and then one of the shorter climbs considered as classic by all aficionados of the Ariègeoise: Arnave/ Cazenave : Pas de Souloumbrie. You’ll then descent with care (yes, care!) a winding road to Cabannes and the arrival of the Passejade …

All those of you – friends, co-workers, sisters, cousins etc … – who are motivated will later face a last climb up to a finish at Plateau de Beille, 1250 ms of altitude gain … Beille is always more a question of altitude gain than distance …