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Saturday 29th June 2024

Ariégeoise Permanente

Discover the captivating world of l’Ariégeoise Permanente, where you have the freedom to ride the routes of the Ariégeoise or the Ariège passes at a time to suit you.

An optimised experience via the Ariégeoise Permanente application

Thanks to our application, your GPS data is automatically processed to give you badges, performance indices and reference times, as well as offering you the chance to get your Ariégeoise by Castelli jersey by joining Club 365.

A choice of three routes

Explorez les trois types de parcours disponibles :


Challenge yourself on the climbs of the 12 main passes in the Ariège, recognise the routes of the Ariégeoise 2024, or rediscover the routes that made the history of the Ariégeoise or the Tour de France®️…
L’Ariégeoise Permanente invites you to explore our magnificent region for free.

Join the 365 Club for a Complete Experience

By joining the 365 club, the Ariegeoise community, you can take full advantage of this experience and receive the Ariegeoise by Castelli jersey.
Then collect the badges to unlock other exclusive items from our by Castelli range.




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