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Saturday 29th June 2024

Timed climb to the EDF dam at Soulcem

Cycling : 16km / 1000 m D+

2nd June 2024

Start : 9:00 am



After Beille in 2018 and Agnès in 2019, it’s the ascent to the EDF dam at Soulcem that has been renewed as a timed climb since 2022 and the creation of the Challenge Alain LEPLUS.

Less well known to cyclo-sport fans, the 16km climb has an average gradient of more than 6%, with sections at almost 14%, and is worthy of being one of the most mountainous passes in the Ariège.

But what is behind this average gradient? In fact, the route starts from the Plaine des Sports in Auzat on a perfectly asphalted road with a good “yield” … A warm-up over the first 3 kilometres on gentle gradients varying from 2 to 5% … Be careful! A wall with an average gradient of more than 10% now lies in front of us, lasting less than 700m, but which will make your thighs ache…

From km 4 to the “S” at the village of Marc (Km 6.5), a succession of uphill sections interspersed with very short downhills awaits us… From now on, we’ll be taking a narrow mountain road. Let’s get going! Another short 10% gradient, and we reach Mounicou and cross the stream of the same name: we’re in the thick of things! And one more little wall, at almost 10%, to reach the Carafa barns… Calm down and catch your breath until you reach the Pla de l’Isard, at Km 9.5…

Some will say, “All the way to the left”, because we won’t be going below 11% (with a peak of 14% all the same!) until we reach the base of the Soulcem dam at Km 12.3… A final kilometre at 9%, then over the large plateau for the remaining 1.5 km on the banks of the Soulcem lake in a high mountain setting.






Registration opens:

  • 15 March 2024

Closing date for entries:

  • Friday 31 May

Timed ascent of the Soulcem EDF dam:

  • Race numbers will be issued from 8am in the climbing hall at the Plaine des Sports in Auzat.
  • There will be a group start at 9am at the Auzat sports ground.


  • You can leave a bag in Auzat and we will take it up to the Orris du Carla / Soulcem.
  • There will be a guarded bike park (please keep valuables such as GPS with you) as well as tents for changing.
  • Your belongings will also be kept at the Orris du Carla / Soulcem during the trail (please keep valuables with you).