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Saturday 29th June 2024

Medical certificate

Law n° 99-223 on protecting the health of sportsmen and on preventing the consumption of illicit drugs was passed by the French National Assembly on March 23, 1999. Under the provisions of this new law, all French or non-French runners are required to produce proof of their fitness to participate in cycling competitions. Such proof must be in the form of a medical certificate issued by a doctor following a medical examination.

Do you have a (national or regional) Federation, which other than the French cycling Federation (FFC) license? Don’t you have any license?

Participation in sporting events organised by sports federations or under their auspices is subject to the possession of a medical certificate has been issued stipulating the absence of contraindications for participation in cycling competitions or a copy thereof dating from less than one year.

The easier way is to provide a valid certificate (with a right wording) is to complete the medical form below with your doctor.

Download here the certificate template.

The certificate has less than one year from the date of the race date. Photocopies are accepted.
Cycling in competition” is the only valid one. The term “competition” is essential.

Medical certificates with the following will not be accepted:
-Ability to bike
-Ability to cycle tourism
-Capacity for the sport in general